15th International Conference on Astronomical X-Ray Optics

11-15 November 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic

The primary objective of the conference is to showcase and exchange ideas regarding the latest and forthcoming technologies for missions in X-ray astronomy. These missions demand the creation of inventive technologies, and we aim to discuss the opportunities, the progress made until now, and novel concepts in depth.

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30th September 2024

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6th October 2024

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AXRO is International Workshop on Astronomical X-Ray Optics focused on presentation and discussion of recent and future technologies for future X-ray astronomy missions. One session is focused on astrophysical aspects of X-ray telescopes/satellites, where some review talks are typically given from leading scientists in this field plus some presentations of relevant Czech scientists. Other main sessions focus on all aspects of astronomical X-ray optics and recent and future X-ray space missions.

The goal of the workshop is to present and to discuss recent and future technologies for X-ray astronomy missions. These missions require the development of most innovative technologies, and we want to discuss in detail the possibilities, the results obtained so far, and new ideas. It is obvious that the requirements of future large space X-ray astronomy missions are so demanding that they need a truly interdisciplinary approach in a wide international collaboration. These technologies will include X-ray optics based on Si wafers, advanced glass forming for precise X-ray optics, but also other possible technologies and alternatives, as well as related advanced metrology, measurements and tests.

Albeit the conference is focussed on astronomical X-ray optics, we invite also participants from X-ray communities outside astronomy, as many aspects such as designing, manufacturing, and testing X-ray optics are similar for both communities, so sharing experience can be beneficial for all.

Astrophysics &
X-ray Sources

This session is focused on the astrophysical aspects of X-ray telescopes/satellites. Contributions from all fields of X-ray astronomy and astrophysics are invited here, both experimental as well as theoretical, especially those with relation and/or impact on space X-ray telescopes. The main focus of this section is on potential X-ray sources for use in X-ray astronomy using telescopes and satellites. 

X-ray Optics

Presentations discussing technologies for future space X-ray astronomy missions are encouraged. These missions require the development of most innovative technologies; the possibilities, the results obtained so far and details of new ideas are suitable topics for discussion. The recent situation in the field strongly demonstrates the urgent need for novel, cost-effective approaches and solutions.

Space Missions

This session will include presentations of recent as well as new and future space missions and related scientific payloads with the focus for X-ray domain. Contributions from all categories of satellites and space missions are welcome (like L-class, M-class as well as S/F-class). Presentations of current, new results as well as proposals for new missions are very welcome.

X-ray Detectors &
Test Facilities

Contributions regarding detectors and facilities suitable for use in X-ray are very welcome. New methods and principles of detection can be presented as well as existing solutions and their improvements. Facilities their testing method and measurement options, along with exciting results, can be presented in this section as well.


Submissions that are out of topic may be subsequently moved to the relevant section or in extreme cases rejected at all.