This year's AXRO workshop was from 10th to 13th of December 2012  

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The goal of the workshop is to present and to discuss recent and future technologies for X-ray astronomy space missions. These missions require development of mostly innovative technologies, and we want to discuss the possibilities, the results obtained so far and new ideas in detail. It is obvious, that the requirements of future large space X-ray astronomy missions are so demanding that they need a truly interdisciplinary approach in a wide international collaboration. These technologies will include X-ray optics based on Si wafers, advanced glass forming for precise X-ray optics, but also other possible technologies and alternatives, as well as related advanced metrology, measurements and tests.

The workshop will include session on astrophysical aspects of X-ray telescopes/satellites in which some review talks will be given from leading scientists in this field plus some presentations of relevant Czech scientists.

AXRO2012 is already the 5th International Workshop on Astronomical X-Ray Optics (and 6th if taking into account the US-Czech Seminar on Astronomical X-Ray Optics held in 2007).

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As usually the workshop will be held in Villa Lanna in Prague. This year it is from Monday, December 10 until Thursday, December 13. We will start on Monday evening with the reception again, and then will have sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with social program and conference dinner on one of these days in the afternoon and evening. The accommodation in the Villa is available already on Sunday with an extension until next Sunday, if you wish so. 

We believe that it is extremely important to continue to meet and to discuss progress and problems, and that the AXRO workshops are even more important now, in the absence of major X-ray NASA and ESA satellite projects related meetings both in the USA as well as in Europe. It may happen that absence of future X-ray telescopes space projects can badly affect contacts among our community.

We also believe many groups and individuals have achieved new results and may have new ideas which they wish to share, to discuss, or to present to the community. Especially clever ideas how to continue X-ray astronomical optics development such as small and special projects, may be of great value.

Please contact us (rene.hudec@gmail.com) if you can suggest another colleagues we should invite to participate. Albeit we still plan to continue our policy of workshop participation by invitation, we are ready to accommodate/invite another colleagues who never joined us before.

For AXRO2011 please see

Hope to see many of you in the advent time in Prague

Kind regards,
Rene for the organizers (SOC)


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