7th International Workshop on Astronomical X–Ray Optics Prague Dec 8-11, 2014

This is archive of 2014 AXRO workshop. You can access program and gallery.


AXRO 2014 in Prague is International Workshop on Astronomical X-Ray Optics focused on presentation and discussion of recent and future technologies for future X-ray astronomy missions. One session is focused on astrophysical aspects of X-ray telescopes/satellites in which some review talks will be given from leading scientists in this field plus some presentations of relevant Czech scientists.

The goal of the workshop is to present and to discuss recent and future technologies for X-ray astronomy missions. These missions require development of mostly innovative technologies, and we want to discuss the possibilities, the results obtained so far, and new ideas in detail. It is obvious that the requirements of future large space X-ray astronomy missions are so demanding that they need a truly interdisciplinary approach in a wide international collaboration. These technologies will include X-ray optics based on Si wafers, advanced glass forming for precise X-ray optics, but also other possible technologies and alternatives, as well as related advanced metrology, measurements and tests.

We plan a dedicated splinter session on ESA ATHENA within the workshop.

Similarly to previous years, we plan to start with the welcome reception in late afternoon and evening on Monday Dec 8 and end on Thursday Dec 11 in late afternoon.

Registration (including accommodation booking and presentation/poster registration)

Deadline is November 10th, 2014

Please do not wait to register and use our online registration form at section “Registration” as we need to know the number of participants in advance in order to offer the remaining places to others.

Please note that abstract deadline is on November 17, 2014.

Please bear in mind that the accommodation is arranged in Vila Lanna on the first come first serve basis from Dec 7 until Dec 13. Book your accommodation as soon as possible.


In case of questions please contact Rene Hudec at rene.hudec[at]gmail.com.