Rene Hudec: AXRO 10 years: Introduction and Historical Background

AXRO 10 years: Introduction and Historical Background will be shortly presented and discussed

Paola Zuppella: Soft x-ray and EUV metrology for space applications

Przemyslaw Wachulak: Laser plasma EUV and SXR source based on a double stream gas puff target for testing and metrology applications of EUV/SXR optics: previous experiments and future plans.

In the talk I would like to present applications of a compact, pulsed laser plasma EUV and SXR source, based on a double stream gas puff target, for testing and metrology of EUV and SXR mirrors. Such optics, most often used in short wavelength optical systems, is also very important nowadays for astronomical applications. Additionally, future plans will be presented, related to the development of a dedicated system, which will be based on such source, for diagnostics of grazing incidence more...

Bernd Aschenbach: The maximal spin of an accreting black hole - the ´Thorne´ limit and the ´Aschenbach´ effect

The Kip Thorne limit for the spin of an accreting black is (the Kerr parameter) a=0.998, which is due to photons carrying away angular momentum. The Aschenbach effect describes a discovery that for the Kerr metric the otherwise monotonous increase of the velocity of a particle orbiting a spinning black hole with decreasing orbital radius is broken for a>0.9959. The orbital velocity runs through a decline and a minimum until it rises again, with decreasing orbital radius. Because of the more...

Zhanshan Wang: Development of soft X-ray telescope optics for EP mission

The Einstein Probe (EP) mission, which aims at discovering transients and monitoring variable objects in 0.5-4 keV X-rays, is a small scientific satellite dedicated to time-domain high-energy astrophysics. EP will employ a large instantaneous field-of-view (60°×60°) X-ray telescope (WXT), along with moderate spatial resolution (FWHM ~5) and energy resolution. It will also carry a follow-up observation X-ray telescope (FXT) with a smaller field-of-view - capable of much larger light-collecting power and better energy resolution than the main survey telescope. In more...